Doors can do much more than you can imagine. Now you can enter your rooms more conveniently than ever before. The GEZE ActiveStop door damper stops doors gently, closes them quietly or keeps them at the selected opening angle convenient for the user. Thereby, slamming doors, trapped fingers and holes in walls or furniture become a thing of the past.
Thanks to its compact dimensions, the door damper is hardly visible, and can conform to the most demanding designs. GEZE ActiveStop created a completely new comfort of the door use. GEZE ActiveStop

Three functions that multiply comfort and safety:

Silent closing
Due to the active damping, the door closes slowly and silently. This way GEZE ActiveStop prevents loud slamming, troublesome door damages and additionally, it minimises the risk of injuries.

Gentle stopping
Walls or furniture damaged by the door do not look nice, and most of all are unnecessary. The GEZE ActiveStop brakes the door momentum upon opening and then stops the door in the desired position.

Keeping open with ease
To prevent self-closing, GEZE ActiveStop keeps the door in an open position. Due to that, no additional doorstoppers are needed. The door opening angle may be individually adjusted, as required.
GEZE ActiveStop brings more comfort to your home. Without compromises.

Universal application
Owing to the compact dimensions, GEZE ActiveStop fits into almost any room doors with the leaf weight up to 45 kg.
Strictly speaking, it may be used in actually all standard doors.

Customised adjustment
Depending on your needs and your home arrangement, you may individually set the door opening width and the damping strength of GEZE ActiveStop on opening or closing.

Durable reliability
GEZE ActiveStop is a durable and long-lasting product “made in Germany”. With functionality, safety and aesthetic design, the door damper ensures top quality without restrictions.

Product properties:
Damping and pulling in closing direction – starts at ca. 25°, opening direction – starts at ca. 60°
Free movement area, any position between 25° and 60°can be selected
Door opening stepless angle – between 80° and 140°
Secured final position, safe door holding in open position, no need to use a doorstopper.
Concealed installation method. Notch clearance, a slot of ca. 5 mm in the lever area required.





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