Selection of the correct system to remove smoke and heat is even simpler now, as GEZE expands its offer of chain drives with the new, universal Slimchain, the exceptionally strong Powerchain, and the series of drives hidden in the E 920-E 990 window profile. New properties are also provided by the E 250 NT compact spindle drive. Thanks to different stroke lengths, it fits any window.

Together with suitable locking drives, they form a complex system solution.

Simply discreet
Less means more, and architects appreciate discreet look. The new drives are unobtrusive. Their colours may be harmoniously matched to the façade. The Slimchain is the “slimmest” and most compact of the new GEZE chain drives. Whenever a minimalist design is required, the E 920-E 990 drive series will match.
Fully integrated in the window structure, the drive system and the fittings are invisible from the outside.

Simply intelligent
Owing to the state-of-the-art solutions, the GEZE drives may be easily adjusted to various window sizes and opening needs. You may select different operational velocities for ventilation (economical mode) and emergency (smoke removal, aeration).
The opening width control also ensures adjustment to individual needs. Solo or Synchro: an integrated Synchro module allows you to synchronise up to three drives and up to two locking drive options.

Simply safe
The advanced control technology allows drives to be synchronised, for example in large windows which require additional locking points. The complex system solution comprises the locking drive GEZE Power lock in combination with the Slimchain, Powerchain and E 250 NT drives. The locking drives E 905 / E 906 may be combined with the chain drive series E 920 – E 990.
The intelligent control ensures safe closing and opening of the windows in the proper sequence.

Simply installed
Due to the installation system GEZE Smart fix, the Slimchain and Powerchain drives can be installed easily and quickly. The drives are mounted on the consoles using clips. Constructional adaptation is an easy task since the power supply cable can be removed. The drive series E 920-E 990 is equipped with a flat ribbon cable that guarantees effortless and fast installation in the casement.
In turn, installation of the spindle drive E 250 NT is exceptionally easy thanks to the use of the tried and tested consoles.

Simply ventilate
GEZE solutions also offer window automation in private homes, combining functionality with an interesting design.
Comfort and “building without barriers” are playing a more and more important role in this segment. The ECchain drive may be also used on small fanlights. The opening width adjustment allows it to be adapted to individual ventilation requirements.





02.07.2019 Line Insolio has been designed for easy, modern installation without breaking the window frame construction. Thanks to replaceable cassette you can vary functions according to your needs. Insolio was the first to design with replaceable cassettes and particular functions. It enables window ventilation system installation with no need for milling the slits.


02.07.2019 Acoustic ventilation system of Vetair series – accurately controls the flow of fresh air with maximum sound pressure. It has been present and continually improved for 20 years. Line Ventair ventilation system represents the top quality. Now with acoustic solutions.