Ventair Acoustic ventilation opening from Ventair line is a well-tested and well-tried product for acoustic solution. It is a perfect combination of high airflow and sound pressure.
Ventair Acoustic reduces noise and constantly controls the airflow into the interior. It is full automatic and inappreciable, so you only hear the result – the perfect silence. Thanks to its high capacity this new solution needs fewer ventilation blowers and keeps the right functioning of ventilation. The less blowers, the better pressure and more reduction.

Ventair TRDn Acoustic

The Ventair TRDn acoustic ventilation system has been planned for those who appreciate silence. The best ever sound pressure system at window ventilation effectively combines the reliable Ventair TRDn driver with a two-level sound pressure Ventair Acoustic ventilation opening.
The automatic differential pressure controller supplies your home with optimal amount of air and it controls the usage of heat energy.

Ventair Higroster Acoustic

The new ventilation opening Acoustic was made from high quality materials, mostly from aluminium. Thanks to two-level sound pressure Ventair Higroster Acoustic reduces noise up to 44 dB while the airflow is 28,4 m³/h. In combination with hygroscopic driver Higroster forms the two-level Ventair Acoustic ventilation system – device with automatic control of air humidity and differential pressure. The system Ventair Higroster Acoustic could be controlled manually too.

Ventair TRDn

Thanks to accurate differential pressure controller Ventair TRDn automatically controls the optimal amount of fresh air in the interior and the usage of heat energy for heating the room is reduced.

The aluminium panel with aerodynamic shape enables to optimize the flow. The bigger the pressure is, the higher the panel goes and at the time reduces the gain of incoming airflow. All these processes are automatic. Thanks to manual control you can whenever change the amount of airflow.

Ventair Higroster

Ventair Higroster is a ventilation system controlled by air humidity. A small humidity detector controls the humidity of the room and according to humidity automatically optimizes the airflow.

Ventair Higroster ventilation system is made from excellent materials, e.g. aluminium, high quality ABS/ASA and composities with glass fibre. Thanks to this they are long-lasting and keep their qualities for long. Ventair Higroster is the only ventilation system controlled hygroscopically and by aluminium body. The innovative construction enables to remove the humidity detector during installation and cleaning in order not to be damaged.

Ventair Simpress

Ventair Simpress is the only Brevis ventilation system not made from aluminium, but from high quality ABS/ASA. Due to its high quality plastic it is highly resistant to freeze.
Thanks to automatic differential pressure controller Ventair Simpress automatically lets in optimal amount of air and reduces the usage of heat energy. This well-tested construction similar to Ventair TRDn offers all its advantages in economic version.


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